XC Running

The running team raced in Arkona at the Widder Station Oakridge Event yesterday. It was a tough race with strong winds gusting and temperature dropping throughout the day.

We had 4 Salukis who won the coveted top-performer t-shirt by finishing with a top ten result. Midget Boy, Kirk Boreham crushed it with an 8th place finish. Hazel Taylor also secured a huge shirt with her huge resulting 7th place finish. Junior boy Ethan Aarts tactically won his race with Owen Wrigley capturing 8th position. Teammates Scott Standeaven, Pepe Muirilla and Adam DeNeve helped the DCVI Junior Boy team win a silver medal.

Other notable finishes:

Midget Girls, #29, Julia Cameron placed 29th!! Junior Girl, Jadyn DeBoer……. “COW!!!” placed 18th, and Sr Boy, Sean Slater finishing with a top 40 result out of 140 racers.
Congratulations to all runners on achieving their goals for this race.


Salukis Tweets

Congrats to the Cast of “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” on receiving an Award of Excellence for physical comedy at Ontario National Theatre Festival in Blythe! #salukipride pic.twitter.com/4thLPqmS03

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