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CHC2P: Confederation Canada

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Some excellent resources for your project can be found at the following sites:

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No Comments on ENG3C Comparative Analysis

To help you with your final assessment, here are some of the different sites you can use to complete your comparative analysis. I have included some resources for vehicles and technology as Mrs...

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No Comments on Forgotten Your Novell or Google Docs Password?


The Novell logins have been reset so your password is the 3 letter code that appears on your timetable. If you change your password and forget what it is, stop by and see Mrs. Hushen and she will send in a request to reset it (don’t forget t...

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No Comments on Looking for audiobooks, ebooks and videos? (Download Library)

Are you interested in downloading audibooks (for your MP3 or iPod), ebooks (for your PC or Mac) or videos for FREE?

All you need is a small piece of software and your library card to make this a reality! Check out the Download Library for details...

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No Comments on MLA and APA – How to cite your sources (or find out how!)

This fall, there have been lots of great questions about why, when and how you use MLA and APA to cite your sources in your essays and projects.

On the right hand side of the page, you will see two sets of resources: 1 is for MLA (used commonly in En...

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