Welcome to the DCVI Library!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mrs. Hushen and I am the Teacher-Librarian at DCVI.

From assistance with books (I’m always happy to make recommendations) to help with academic databases to questions about

Library Book Shelfanything else that you need, I’m always happy to help. You can also get assistance from Mrs. Rader, who is the the Technical Resource Assistant.

For Semester One, Mrs. Cronsberry is in the Library Period 1, while I am in the Library Periods 4 & 5. Mrs. Rader is in the Library all day.

The Library’s hours are:

Monday to Friday        8:00 AM  –  3:30  PM


If you have any suggestions of materials you’d like us to get for the Library, please come and see me.

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