March 31-Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

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All students writing the OSSLT (all grade 10s and some gr. 11s) should make sure to arrive early, pick up their healthy breakfast in the cafeteria (starting at 8:25) and go to your homerooms for 8:40 sharp.  This is the only day that you can write this test in 2016!  It is very important that you are here and arrive on time! We wish you luck! (No luck needed! You and your teachers have been working hard to get you properly prepared!)

Grade 7 and 8 students your classes will run on a regular schedule!  Your lunch and mid-day recess will flip.

Grade 9 students-You will start your day in your homerooms and then travel to the cafeteria with your teacher to complete the Practice test and then participate in a PWWP activity (Peers Working With Peers).

Grade 11 and 12 students-Many of you are working with the grade 9s in the PWWP activity but for those of you who are not, except for Co-op students, your morning classes have been cancelled.  Co-op students should report to their work placements.  All seniors are welcome to study in the library in the morning.  Afternoon classes will begin at 12:30pm.

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