Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test-Thursday, March 26

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On Thursday, March 26 at 8:40, all grade 10s will complete the OSSLT assessment.  Teachers have been busy helping students prepare for the test.  Additional practice questions can be found in the Student Resources sections at the following address:http://www.eqao.com/Students/Secondary/10/10.aspx?Lang=E&gr=10

All DCVI students please read the schedule for Thursday:

Gr 7/8s -classess will run as regularly scheduled.

Gr. 11/12s- Morning classes are cancelled. Students can study in the library in the morning. Afternoon classes-see below.  There will only be one bus run in the morning.

Gr. 9s

8:40-National Anthem

8:45-Travel to cafeteria to write Practice test.

8:45-10:15-Complete Practice test. Read a book if finished early.


10:25–11:45-PWWP activity- meet in the cafeteria

11:45–12:30 Lunch

Gr. 10s and all other students writing the OSSLT:

8:40-National Anthem 8:45-9am-Instructions for OSSLT by proctors

9-10:15-complete Booklet #1


10:30-11:45-Booklet #2 11:45-12:30-Lunch

Secondary afternoon classes

Per. 4-12:30-1:30

Per. 5-1:40-2:45


Good luck to all students writing the OSSLT!


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