2018-2019 Student Fees

image of 2018-2019 Student Fees
*In order to obtain your student card and participate in team sports or clubs, student fees must be paid.*
 Student fees also cover: activities and prizes for school spirit weeks (about 6 weeks per school year), toaster and microwaves in the cafeteria and replacements as needed, mascot costume and its maintenance, orientation day activities and prizes, grade 7 and 9 Phys. Ed. t-shirts, speakers for assemblies, off-setting costs of holding dances, some awards at the Academic Banquet and Commencement, Student Carnival in June every few years, student BBQ at the end of the school year, donations to various clubs and sports as requested.
*We generally don’t fund raise as a whole school and student fees allow us to still provide students with extra activities and items to enhance their time at school.*

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