Bullying isn’t just a part of growing up…

Wear pink on April 27 for Anti-Bullying

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Bullying isn’t just a part of growing up – it’s overwhelming, hurtful, and can make people feel alone. It can affect learning, friendships, and most importantly, physical and emotional health. If you are a victim of bullying, reach out for help. Talk to a parent, teacher, or friend. Do you have a friend who is being bullied? Let them know they’re not alone, and speak out. Most bullying incidents stop within 10 seconds if a bystander intervenes. Need tips? Take a look at the information below, or visit our Additional Resources page for more.


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Congrats to the Cast of “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” on receiving an Award of Excellence for physical comedy at Ontario National Theatre Festival in Blythe! #salukipride pic.twitter.com/4thLPqmS03

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