Course selection

Course Selection will still be due Tuesday Feb 26 at midnight.  The parent’s session scheduled for this evening will be moved to tomorrow night – Tuesday Feb 26 at the same times.  Students have been advised that if they need assistance with their choices and were planning on meeting with Student Services – to still submit choices on time and that these choices can be altered afterwards with a guidance counsellor.
Students new to DCVI this year will need to create a account.  Students can do this by signing up using the activation code  smdcvi.  Selecting –  student and their grade.  They will also need to enter their OEN which can be found on their timetable or report card.  Once completed they will then need to activate the account through their school email.
Students needing to reset their password are asked to contact Mrs. Waldick via her email –
Any furthers concerns or questions should also be directed there as well.

Salukis Tweets

Congrats to the Cast of “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” on receiving an Award of Excellence for physical comedy at Ontario National Theatre Festival in Blythe! #salukipride

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