Final Field Hockey

The Field Hockey team had to contend with extreme weather in addition to facing one of the best teams in the province for their final game of the season.

Hail, strong winds and extreme cold were the weather conditions that DCVI had to deal with in their match against the South Huron Panthers.

The opening of the contest saw aggressive play in the midfield, for control of the ball and the game.  The Salukis were up to the challenge with Jaci Mitchell and Lydia Taylor making great defensive plays to steal the ball and then turn it over to the strikers, who then put the pressure on the Panther defense.

As play continued, South Huron slowly gained control  of the match, but the DCVI defensive unit, anchored by goaltender Kayley Thompson, weren’t about to give in.  Goal-line saves by Katie Brine, Sophie Brockman and Hope McDougall minimized the scoring and at halftime, the Salukis trailed by just two goals.

The second half saw a renewed effort by the offense and the continued herculean efforts by the defense.  Edyn Tayor, Emmah Douglas and Lili Smith all stepped up their game in an all-out effort to score against the Panthers.

At the same time, forwards Shawna Nelson and Megan Morning made it their mission to support the defensive efforts at the other end of the pitch.

Both tactics saw an increase in the intensity on the field that lead to many drives by DCVI into the South Huron half and the limiting to just one additional goal by the Panthers by the stalwart defense.

Although the game ended in favour of South Huron, once more St. Marys proved that they can compete with the best.  The team finished the season in third place, losing games only to South Huron and Goderich.  Mrs. Cronsberry and Mr. Ellison are extremely proud of the team for their efforts and their positive demeanour throughout the season.  Congratulations to all team members on an amazing season and a special thank you to Emma Bryans, Hope McDougall and Shawna Nelson, all graduating players, for their leadership and dedication.

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Congrats to the Cast of “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” on receiving an Award of Excellence for physical comedy at Ontario National Theatre Festival in Blythe! #salukipride

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