OSSLT Schedule

On Tuesday grade 10 students will be writing the OSSLT and as a result the daily schedule will be altered for some students.

Grade 7-8 classes will run as normal

Grade 9 students will attend for the full day with an altered lunch – 11:30-12:25

Grade 10 students will complete the test in the morning and will have afternoon classes start at 12:25

Grade 11-12 students will work from home in the morning but will have period 4 class (12:25-1:30) and period 5 class (1:40-2:50)

Salukis Tweets

Congrats to the Cast of “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors” on receiving an Award of Excellence for physical comedy at Ontario National Theatre Festival in Blythe! #salukipride pic.twitter.com/4thLPqmS03

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