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2018 11 01


Dear Employers and AMDSB Community Partners:

We are pleased to announce that AMDSB Grade 9 students will once again participate in the Canadian Take Our Kids to Work Day (TOKW) Day experience on November 14, 2018. This opportunity allows Grade 9 students to job shadow – observe only – a parent, guardian, relative, or volunteer host in their place of employment.  We are grateful to our community partners for their willingness to help our students engage in experiential learning opportunities such as TOKW Day.  It is our hope that our students will be exposed to a new experience that might help them make a future career choice.

It is important that employers understand that this is only a job shadowing opportunity. Students will not have completed a Work Education Agreement or pre-employment safety training in advance of this one day observation.  The AMDSB is a member of the Ontario School Board’s Insurance Exchange (OSBIE).  Students out of school for Take Our Kids to Work Day are covered under the Board’s liability insurance for the duration of the event. The student and the employer are protected against a law suit arising out of the negligence of the student while performing the duties within this work experience program.

The board’s insurance coverage does not extend to protect the employer and other employees for negligence arising out of their actions. This is meant to be a job shadow, so students should not be operating equipment or placing themselves or others at risk. Please note that the coverage is for liability and is not meant to reimburse any medical expenses incurred should an accident happen involving the student at the workplace. The liability coverage extends to protect the student in the event that damage is caused accidentally by the student to the employer’s property while it is in the student’s care, custody and control, subject to a deductible of $100 per occurrence.  The school board’s insurance does not cover theft or vandalism by students.

Students are not covered under the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) for this event. We suggest that the employer also check their own insurance policy to confirm coverage for visitors.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to support our students. If you have any questions, please contact me.



Jodie Baker

Superintendent of Education

(Student Success/Pathways)

Employer Letter TOKW Day

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